Friday, 1 December 2006

Is it Christmas yet?

The first day of December is normally the day I deck the halls for Christmas. Today I was slightly indisposed, what with being in another country, so the tree and baubles will have to wait a bit.

Awoke in Simon’s temporary flat where he had been staying for the previous month. We packed and settled the bill then headed for our new flat in Barbarossaplatz.

We were initially met by our relocation agent and the estate agent for the property = 4 people in the flat. But then we were joined by the flat’s manager; then two cleaners; then two people to fit the water = 9 people at one point! It all got a little bit crazy. I think they eventually left us to it at 2pm – at which time the removals company men arrived with all of our stuff. Weak with hunger and from standing since 11 (no furniture see), we left them to unload and went off to find our first meal in Cologne.

Unfortunately our depleted state meant that we were not feeling adventurous. The golden arches of McDonalds beckoned and our first meal was a McMeal.

The removals people left about 5. We were left with piles and piles and piles of boxes. Knowing that it wouldn’t get any better if we just left them unopened, we started to unpack.

We were slightly scuppered in this plan by the fact that the previous tenant had taken most of the ceiling light fittings and left dangling wires in their place. With the setting of the sun we didn’t have much light to go on. Plus we couldn’t find where we’d packed our plug adaptors, so plugging in lamps wasn’t an option either. Still, I managed to locate the torch!

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