Monday, 4 December 2006

Fun with language

While Mr H went to work, I tried to be a good ‘hausfrau’ and tidied as much as I could. I couldn’t exactly lift any of the remaining boxes – not in my condition – but I sort of dusted around them! I’ve managed to put up the Christmas decorations. Was a touch nervous about the combination of Christmas lights and the use of adaptor plugs. However, they have been on all day and I cannot smell any burning!

Today two workmen came to the door. They were dressed in blue dungarees and carrying tools. Had a ‘Bob the Builder’ look to them. In German (with pointing) they insisted they needed to come in to fix the radiator. I tried to convey the fact (with English words, pointing, and a phrasebook) that I hadn’t called them and knew nothing about their visit. In the end they called an Irish guy from their office and got him to speak to me, while I called Simon who got a German speaker to speak to them. We worked out that they had gone to the wrong flat. It was stressful at the time, but seems funny now. So much for German efficiency.

Went for Thai in the evening. That’s when I realised I am better at understanding a Thai menu than a German one. I know Pad Thai when I see it! Simon impressed me with his school boy German when ordering.

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