Thursday, 14 December 2006

Honey I'm home!

I’m back in Deutschland! Came in on a flight yesterday evening. Have spent a lovely week relaxing at Mum and Dad’s place in Norfolk. While I was there I did some of Simon’s Christmas shopping for him, so that will save time for him when we go home at Christmas. I also did a bit of a review of prams, cots and nursery items, to start feeling a bit more prepared.

When we got in the flat I was pleasantly surprised as Simon had fixed up some new lamps and turned on the Christmas tree lights – so there was a lovely ambience. He has also managed to buy a washing machine which means that we no longer have to do hand washing in the bath.

This morning I had a couple of embarrassing incidents on the way to buy some milk. 1) When I was leaving the building a man got into the lift with me. He started to talk about the different lift levels – this much I ascertained from his pointing to different buttons and doing a resigned laugh. Unfortunately I couldn’t join in. What is worse is that he is our neighbour from across the corridor. 2) Once outside I managed to fall over on the cobbled street. I think I amused an old man who was watching from the bakery. I blame my winter boots. They may have a thick heel, but they are decidedly wobbly. Luckily I fell on my knees and not on my front. Apart from the old man, a furtive glance revealed few other people around.

I have spent pretty much all day tidying up. Proper tidying, mind. There’s only so much that ambient lighting can do to make a place homely! It’s been quite exciting trying out the washing machine and dryer as all instructions are in German. Luckily I was able to feel my way through the programmes by looking at the temperature guides for each wash. Seems to have worked as all jumpers have come out at pretty much the same size as when they went in.

There is still no internet. A box arrived with the router yesterday but it was the wrong one. Simon has asked the provider to arrange delivery of the one we want. I may have to put up with this one for now as without the net I cannot work. It is nearly three weeks since I left my job in the UK and I am starting to get work withdrawal symptoms. I know, I know...! Plus, how are you meant to find anything out, talk to your friends, or keep up with the news without the net?

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