Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Back to Blighty

I am getting the afternoon flight back to England. Decided it’s not good for me to be stuck in the flat all day with no kitchen, appliances, or things to do.

There’s a risk of food poisoning from having to eat food which isn’t refrigerated. Plus, meals are a bit limited as we only have a temporary camping stove. Washing up is done in the downstairs cloakroom sink. The kitchen table is actually our wooden garden table. The kitchen is lit by an Anglepoise lamp, poised on some of our packing cases. The balcony doubles as a fridge for milk - it’s that cold outside.

It’s getting me down and it is unhygienic.

Add to this the fact that our English TV doesn’t work in Germany; I have no landline; no internet (so I cannot do any work for clients) and the flat has only a few lights so it’s very dull.

Cannot wait to go home to some normality.

I feel bad leaving Simon and it will be a shame to be apart. However, he isn’t the one who’s pregnant and he also gets to escape by going to work each day.

When I come back to Germany it will all be a lot better as Simon is going to try to fix a lot of the outstanding problems. I’m hoping that we can then relax a bit and start doing touristy things. I may even be able to do some work! The plan is to start joining some clubs so I can start to socialise a bit.

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