Friday, 15 December 2006

Appropriately Christmassy walks

pretty pub in Cologne
Aaaggggghhhhhh! I have tried to use the temporary router. Trying to set up internet access when all the instructions are in German = inadvisable. When, oh when, will I get access to my beloved internet?

On the plus side, Simon and I had a nice stroll through Christmassy Cologne last night. We went to a district called Rudolphplatz – very seasonal I thought. Not only the name*, but it has a Christmas market too! The smells emanating from the stalls were very welcoming – a nice mix which brings to mind home baking – sort of gingerbread, chocolate and vanilla all at once. After walking through this seasonal joy, we ended up at an Italian restaurant. Food was great. Waiters a little hassled. Still, I had pizza, which satisfied my pregnancy craving for CHEESE!

One of Simon’s colleagues has lent us an old German TV. This has the bonus that we can get one English speaking channel, with sound. Only trouble is that it is CNN, which is sooo dull. The stories and adverts get repeated over and over and over and over again…Still, beggars cannot be choosers and it’s the only way I can get news at the moment.

* Incidentally Friezenplatz is adjacent to Rudolphplatz. I remember it by the nickname ‘Freezing place’.

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