Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Food for thought

Getting a bit sick of not having a fridge. We’ve been leaving the milk outside to keep it cool, but this morning it tasted a bit off. The local shop doesn’t open until 8 so we were without milk for breakfast. I was okay as I could go to the shops later, but Simon had to head off with no breakfast.

I ventured out three times today. 1) To get some milk 2) To explore – though I only explored as far as the certainty of Starbucks, treating myself to a double chocolate muffin, I like to think that I had a good look around. There are loads of food shops, restaurants and newsagents around where we live. 3) A bigger food shop for the evening meal. I was pleased as punch to find a supermarket which stocks Heinz ketchup and familiar chocolate brands (Twix, Mars, etc). Bit disappointed that the single cream I had bought for part of dessert turned out to be sour cream. That put paid to my plans for pears in chocolate sauce (a virtuous/sinful dessert of pears in a melted chocolate, honey and single cream sauce). Ho hum. What’s more, sour cream was actually listed in the phrase book I’d taken to the shop with me, but I just hadn’t bothered to read it, thinking it wouldn’t be that detailed. Oh and I dropped the sour cream on the kitchen floor – splat! – just for good measure…

Bought a couple of English papers. They cost about four pounds in total, but I was ravenous for news of home, having received none since I arrived.

Tried some stilted German on the porter downstairs. He seemed to get what I was talking about, so I felt quite disproportionately proud.

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