Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Someone's happy

April, at six weeks old
Someone's happy! But why?

  • Perhaps because she just received the exciting news that she has a new baby cousin? He was born yesterday lunchtime and he's called William. He's the second child of my brother-in-law and his wife. Congratulations Phil and Liz! This means April now has three young cousins: William, aged 1 day; Blake aged 8 weeks; Lily aged 3 years. April hasn't met any of them yet because she has never been to England, where they all live. However, that leads me on to possible reason 2...

  • She has just received her passport...at only six weeks old. It was a bit of a tricky process getting the passport as there was paperwork we had to get from the UK and then we had to entice her into posing for a passport photo that was good enough to pass the strict standards required. Anyway, the cute baby passport means April can go to England. And she will, as we are planning a trip back in the summer. Very exciting :-)

  • Of course, it could just be that she has passed wind. Again.

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