Wednesday, 20 June 2007

It's raining...let's do icecream!

You may have noticed a sweet-toothed theme running through my blog. To do with ice cream and chocolate and my liking of such things.

Anyway, the weekend just gone, our friends Claudia and Robert from Holland ('Hello!' Claudia and Robert if you're reading this) came to see us. As it was sunny we decided to go for an ice cream sundae at a good ice cream parlour I know. When we arrived there were no free tables. We had to space ourselves strategically in order to pounce when someone vacated a table. Claudia found a free table so she wins the prize.

We ordered some fantastic sundaes. However, no sooner had they arrived than the heavens opened. It turned from being sunglasses bright to torrential downpour. 'Safe' under a flimsy parasol, we decided to be very British and stuck it out. Not that the parasol was a defence when the rain started coming down sideways.
ice cream in the rain
Halfway through our desserts we realised that we were the only customers left. As you will see from the photo with the empty pram, even April seems to have scarpered for more substantial cover. She's probably already more German and practical than us...

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