Friday, 8 June 2007

Hollywood, Lollywood

Yesterday was a public holiday so we had a relaxing family day. In the afternoon we took a quick stroll around the block to get some fresh air. We were intrigued to see that our local grocery store had been invaded by a film crew, making the most of the fact that all shops close on public holidays here. There were three large trailers parked outside and lots of people making themselves very busy, rushing between trailers and the store. Inside I could see more people going hither and thither. A couple of people were crouched down inbetween the aisles, going over their scripts. The aisles were elaborately lit with big lighting rigs. Obviously I played it cool and pretended to be more interested in the flower shop next door. We carried on walking.

Early that evening our door buzzer rang. It was people from Sony Pictures. They wanted to know if our balcony faced the road - because if it did they were willing to offer us money to use it as a place to fix some lighting for the filming. Now, it's not every day that film people come to your door and offer you money.

our balconyBut guess what? Our balcony doesn't face the road. It faces other flats and an office block across a courtyard (see pic of the view from our balcony). So we had to turn down the offer of some free lolly...

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