Friday, 5 January 2007

In Cologne once more

A new year dawns and we are back in Germany after a Christmas break in England. Got back last night, a bit sleepy, but feeling more optimistic.

On the journey we stopped at a McDonalds in Holland in order to use the loos. I liked the fact that the chicken burger is called ‘Chicken Mythic’ there. Also, that they provide biscuits and water for dogs near the door – and sure enough someone turned up with a little dog just to prove the need.

Pleased to see that Knight Rider was on TV – the urban myth about the German adoration of the Hoff could still be true. Amusing to watch in German – adds to the cartoon element of the acting.

Kitchen fitters arrived at 9am – two hours late. I am annoyed that I got up early to catch them but they didn’t get here until much later. However, I am relieved that they are here at all. Let’s hope they have been supplied with all the bits so they can get the job done today!

Also hoping beyond hope that we get the internet sorted today.

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