Sunday, 14 January 2007

Being weekend tourists

Had a very pleasant weekend.

Last night (Saturday) we went to a bar with a gang of German and expat people Simon knows through work. It was the kind of bar with a drag show (three guys in tutus, dancing on stage). For all that, it was still relaxing and we managed to hang around until half one chatting away. I relish these moments as 1) When baby comes I imagine that kind of time in the morning I'll be doing night feeds, rather than hanging in bars and 2) Not having a job, I'm pretty limited in my social interactions at this point - well, at least until I get out and about more.

Today, tired and weary, Simon and I went into the old part of town to do some sightseeing. We visited the cathedral (known as the 'Dom') and then strolled down to the banks of the Rhine. We were accompanied by Dom's bells which were ringing out over the city. I used the opportunity to try my hand at some reportage style interviewing (see movie). Having watched it back, I think my technique needs some work. We ate at very lovely lunch in a genteel cafe with a full on view of the cathedral. It was a very old fashioned kind of cafe with a real ambience of Austria and sacher torte.

When we are out and about at the weekends I still feel like we are on holiday here. Very bizarre to then get a train back to our flat and be reminded that we are actually LIVING HERE!


Ali & Dave said...

Love the blog! When you mailed to say you had the internet functioning and the blog up, I was expecting one, maybe two posts. I was surprised for only a few seconds to find that Victoria has been writing diligently all this time ready to post a whole 2 months worth of news! Fantastic - and great reading for Monday afternoon back in work. Can't get the videos to work though - but pix are all there. love Ali xx

Rhod and Anna said...

Wow, we love the blog! So cool that we can keep up with your adventures now and I feel like I could navigate my way around your house! I love the lounge and kitchen too. Stock up on that cheese now you've got a fridge Vicky!
Anna & Rhod x

Anonymous said...
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carole & marc said...

wow! love the blog! think you will make your fortune writing in the style of Bridget Jones! the flat is looking good already and we are enjoying your adventures. Looking forward to the next installment..... Love Carole & Marc xx