Sunday, 21 January 2007

Look Herr - we'd like a car please

Imagine if you went into any car showroom in the UK and asked: 'Do you speak German?'. I don't know about your level of optimism/ability to deny the truth about the quality of UK citizens' ability to speak other languages, but I reckon you'd be met with a mixture of confusion and panic, or perhaps a referral to head office...

Yet we had the cheek to go into several car showrooms today and asked, 'Do you speak English?' To which, the most disappointing was, 'A little' and the best, 'Yes, I will try'. Then of course we went into discussions in English where the vocabulary was varied and technical. Revealing that, what Germans dismiss as a poor level of English, is the kind of language level I can only aspire to at this stage.

Some context here: Simon has been borrowing a pool car from work but now we have to give it back in a merely a week.

Of course, when faced with purchasing a car we have a series of restraints: time, language (I am very restrained with the German language just now...), money, and did I mention that we now have to think about baby restraints? (Sorry Simon, but it has to be a sensible 5 door...)

I'll keep you updated as to what happens.

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Rhod and Anna said...

I'm sure Dave will sympathise with the decision to opt for a sensible yet necessary 5 door car!