Friday, 26 January 2007

A wintry walk - with shopping and culture

This morning I went on a long expedition into town. I was in search of a variety of exotic food stuffs for a dinner party - gruyère cheese, balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs, filo pastry, etc - which I knew I could get from a fantastic department store in town. They do that here - have posh food halls in the basements of large department stores. I like that a lot.

Once said ingredients had been purchased I then decided I'd search for the fabled M&S of Cologne. It's apparently a Mecca for expats like me, as it provides a little fix of the UK. An hour later, having walked round and round and round, I gave up looking. And I was so looking forward to fixing myself a proper British bacon butty for my lunch. Next time I shall take a map. And perhaps a man to read it for me. (Joke.)

On the way back I passed this great church: St Aposteln. It was started in around 1201, making it even older than the Dom. It's one of twelve Romanesque churches which survive in Cologne, which are of worldwide importance. I'll probably explore this topic another time, when I have been able to visit some more of them. In the meantime, for those of an archictectural bent, you might like to find out more:

It snowed - light fluffy snow like in films. Not the sleet-y stuff that you get in the UK most of the time, which causes one's hair to puff out (which I like not).

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Anonymous said...

It's doing that hair-puffing snow in London today!