Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Plug and play

We took our computer to an expert, who diagnosed, in layman's terms, that it was very screwed up and not really worth fixing. Perhaps note the confidence with which I predicted, in my last post, that we would be able to fix the computer. Ahem.

Anyway, it turns out that an invasion of fluff can indeed be terminal for a computer.

So we have bought a shiny new computer which is very fast and has a vast amount of gigabytage to fill up indiscriminately. It was fairly easy to set up. Though we are still going through the chore of reloading all of our old data and programs.

However, the new computer's arrival means that the old computer is destined to become one more lump of landfill. In an attempt to assuage the guilt we will try to re-use some of the innards where possible, like the memory.

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Anna said...

Seems like it's time for April to write her own blog (or should that be 'bite' her own blog?!)