Sunday, 11 November 2007


Bread manNovember 11th is St Martins' Day, or Martinsfest, as it's known here.

St Martin was the founder of the first monasteries in France in the 4th Century AD. He is the patron saint of the harvest and the poor.

Hard to believe, but as far as I can ascertain* , St Martin is represented by little bread men like this, which seem to populate the bakeries at this time of year.

I just couldn't resist buying one, once I'd overcome my initial 'What the...?' surprise at being greeted by this strange mix of dough, currants, red lollipop and ceramic pipe on the pastries counter at my local bakery.

Plus, my maiden name was Martins, so we have a connection, bread man and I - and I couldn't pass up the chance to be actively involved in Martinsfest '07.

Bread man later in the dayCoincidentally, November 11th is also the official beginning of carnival season. The carnival season runs right through until February. (These people know how to party.)

Here is the bread St Martin later in the day, having enjoyed his festival and the start of carnival tremendously. Note that he is full of good cheer and (partially) legless.

*Via extensive research which included Googling and canvassing the opinions of my German teacher and our neighbours.

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