Monday, 21 May 2007

Nice ice

Cologne has an abundance of ice cream parlours. A speciality around these parts is ‘spaghetti eis’ which is ice cream that has been pushed through a press to make it look like a bowl of spaghetti. It is topped with strawberry sauce to give the appearance of tomato sauce and white chocolate shavings to represent parmesan cheese.

The parlours generally have lots of lip-smacking flavours of ice cream to choose from such as mango, chocolate, coconut and pistachio. All ice cream dishes are flamboyantly decorated with nuts, pieces of fruit, wafers and sweets then drizzled with sauces and, if you’re in the mood, liquers.

Luckily for us there is an ice cream parlour 5 minutes walk from our flat. Yesterday, as it was sunny (Who am I kidding, saying it's because it was sunny? The real reason is I have a sweet tooth!) we decided to potter along and ordered the biggest, chocolatiest sundaes on the menu – see video evidence.

This particular dessert has a thought-provoking name: it is called a 'Nuss (nut) Knacker'. It contained chocolate ice cream, chocolate truffles, chocolate sauce, chocolate coated nuts...ah, you get the picture...

Please note, I have just realised that my off screen video commentary is reminiscent of the Jamie Oliver programmes. Sorry about that everybody.

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