Thursday, 23 July 2009

Oh, for a Sainsburys ready meal...

The fridge freezer is still broken. The guy who came to fix it last week said it needed an electrical part and he would order it. Then we didn't see him for dust. A German friend rang the repair man to get an explanation for his odd behaviour - but he was evasive. We can only assume that the fridge freezer parts ordering process is too onerous.

So we contacted the manufacturer direct and they are sending someone next Thursday. That is still a long time.

I am starting to run out of ideas for what to eat now. We've done things in tins. We've done salads to death. Pizza likewise. I find myself hankering after the huge variety of ready meals available in UK supermarkets. Yes, yes, I know they are full of fat, sugar and salt, but oh, what a selection and what convenience.

For now I shall just keep perusing recipe books and hoping for some inspiration.


Rob Alton said...

Try this (got it off telly last week - it's very nice and quick.

Broad Bean, Beef & Rice Stew

1/2kilo beef, cubed
1 onion diced
large bunch of fresh dill & coriander, chopped
broadbeans, shelled (lots!)
4cloves of garlic, crushed
basmatic rice

brown beef, add onion, dill & coriander
dry fry garlic and char (?)
add to pot with broadbeans & 3 tbsp basmatic rice (assume some water must be added at this stage)

Cook 15 mins

Mrs H said...

Sounds tasty thanks, but I don't like beef. But you've got me wondering what it would be like with chicken. Hmmm...

JL said...

I'm sure I must have included a suitable recipe at some point in my blog!

I'm feeling your pain, though!

Mrs H said...

Oh yes, we've had your warm chicken salad a few times recently and very nice it's been too - thanks!

JL said...

Oh, I'm glad! I haven't had that for ages myself - I must resurrect it.