Tuesday, 14 July 2009

At least it's cool in the pool

This morning has been good and bad.

The bad? Our fridge freezer has stopped working and we cannot get anyone to repair it until FRIDAY. Simon's going out to buy one of those cheap mini fridges after work today*, to see us through. It's about 27 degrees today, so it would be nice to have some way to keep milk from turning to cottage cheese.

The good? Alexander had his first swimming lesson today and it went really well. I was nervous as I thought he might be a bit frightened and also that I might not be able to keep up with the instructions. There was no need to be worried as the teacher was so nice and the environment so well set up for babies. We both had fun. And we learned a new German song about being little fishies.

*Then after the big fridge is better we can keep the mini one in the bedroom and pretend we are in a hotel, on our holidays.

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