Sunday, 7 October 2007


Rhod shows us how it's doneToday was marathon day in Cologne. We went along as our mate Rhod was running in it and we wanted to help his good woman, Anna, cheer him along. Here's Rhod looking impressively lively considering he had been running for two hours by this point!

Rhod and Anna used to live a five minute walk from us in Essex. Rhod now works in Cologne during the week, so Anna comes out to visit sometimes - it's a fantastic chance to catch up.

Here is a picture of us, having done nothing whatsoever. We take things at a slower pace.We take it easy

Incidentally, this photo was taken shortly before I decided I needed a second lunch - watching all those athletes working so hard made me hungry. I had already eaten scrambled egg on toast at midday, before watching the runners, but after seeing Rhod reach his two hour point we headed home (April needed her bed), making a stop at McDonald's...

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Rhodri said...

That's fast blogging. I only finished a little while ago! It went abit down hill after that picture. It is probably for the best that you didn't take a picture at the end.