Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Easter goodness

I’ve had a very lovely Easter break in Cologne. Of course, being a religious festival, in this religious country, shops were shut for the whole weekend, forcing Simon and I to spend the time slightly differently to how we would have done in England. The biggest culture shock: no DIY shop visits or shopping for clothes…

On Good Friday we went to one of the largest parks here and enjoyed lunch by a lake followed by a visit to a ‘pets’ corner’ (a reconnaissance mission for when we have an actual child to bring…). There are some really tame deer in the park, which you can feed. Check out the surely-award-winning-standard nature documentary that we put together for your amusement. I think you'll really learn something...

Okay, okay...so perhaps all you got from the video was a little bit of conversational German. But still, that's something isn't it?

We were lucky enough to be invited to a great dinner party on Sunday. (The first time I’d ever done something so constructive on Easter, if my memory serves me well. We’re more than likely to be out for a pub lunch on that holiest of days.) It was an amusing dinner party, not least because we had to bring our own meat and potatoes: the hostess realised too late that her supplies had gone off and she couldn’t buy any because the shops were shut. The nationalities in attendance: Lithuanian, American/Polish, German, Belgian and English! What a movable feast of guests and all with really interesting stories to tell.

On the Monday we went to the big modern art gallery in the centre of town, to check out a photography exhibition. We rounded off the event with a nice lunch in the gallery café.

Mandarin duckIt was a fantastic weekend and I do think we spent it more creatively than we would have done in England. Plus, we really wanted to make the most of the time off for I am due to give birth in just three days… (Note: my sister was due to give birth last week, but she is now late, so it's possible we could end up giving birth extremely close to each other!)

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