Wednesday, 7 February 2007


This week I attended my first ever yoga class. In German. For pregnant ladies. How hard could it be? Especially as I prepared in advance:
  • The yoga tutor had given me a list of key vocab to learn in advance (words like 'relax', 'tense' and 'stretch')
  • I went with a friend who has done more German lessons than me
  • And, most clever of all, I looked at some pictures of people doing yoga
But I am sad to report that I didn't carry myself through the lesson with finesse. In fact, I expect I looked quite comical. Flat on my back, on a yoga mat, it was hard to hide the fact that I kept having to lift my head to peek around the room to see if I was doing everything correctly. Plus, my glasses kept slipping down my nose, or getting in the way of a complex move. Then, there were the balancing on one leg exercises. Well, I am not the most accomplished person when it comes to balance. Add a big baby bump to this baseline of ineptitude and, well, you can imagine can't you?

The times when everyone appeared to be completely still were the worst. I had no clue as to what inner muscles they were tensing and relaxing so I mostly made up my own variations...However, at one point I must have looked more gormless than usual as the yoga tutor asked my friend to explain to me that everyone was doing 'Kegels'. There's not an equivalent German word so I am just relieved that I knew about Kegels, to save the teacher having to draw a diagram. (Google 'Kegels' if you are none the wiser!)

There was also some embarassment during the breathing exercises. It's all the fault of my nose. I was a bit congested so, when we concentrated on inhaling and exhaling, there was me honking and squeaking away. Rather spoiling the ambience.

In spite of all these issues I intend to go next week. I like any exercise class where there is a compulsory laying down session at the start and the end and you don't break into a sweat in the middle. Plus, yoga is meant to be very beneficial in pregnancy as it helps one to relax ready for the birth. My due date is only 9 weeks away so I really need to get relaxing.

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Em said...

Hey guys!

As I've had a day off today, and completed yet another application & stared at the phone for a few hours..., I have finally looked at your blog! And I'm very, very impressed! Really interesting reading Vicky.

Good luck with all your yoga/language/car/birth certifiate issues!!
Em xox