Sunday, 25 February 2007

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baby shoeYesterday husband and I had to do a bit of clothes shopping. Throughout the preceding weeks there had been plenty of desperate declarations of, ‘I have nothing to wear’ – from him. Me? Well, I’ve just been dreaming of the time when I no longer have to rotate the six or seven black and grey maternity outfits I’ve been wearing for so long…

So, for the first time since we’ve been here we checked out the fashionable emporia of Cologne. And I was pleasantly surprised I have to say. I had gone with suspicions that the German style might not be as up to date as Britain’s. I was proven wrong. Germany has many of the European-wide establishments (Mango, Zara, H&M) that we're used to in the UK. Plus, Cologne has some fabulous department stores.

We left very satisfied with the experience, carrying a jumper and two shirts for Mr H; baby shoes, sleepsuit and top for baby H; and even two loose fitting new season tops for me (green and pink respectively). Oh, and for those of you who know how I like accessories, I did my best justification for buying some yet. It went like this:

1. I saw a bunch of brightly coloured SPARKLY hair bands
2. I said: I am going to need hair bands for the birth (obviously one needs to keep one’s hair back)
3. Simon laughed
4. We bought the hair bands

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Ali & Dave said...

Well obviousy you can't greet Baby H to the world while wearing a DRAB hairband.
While you're at it, you are also going to need to watch the time during labour (shiny new watch?) and will require a positive object to focus on (sparkly bracelet?).....