Friday, 2 April 2010


My street is called 'Weyerstrasse' and it is where I have lived all the time I have been in Germany.

Weyerstrasse is in the Griechenmarkt ('Greek Market') quarter of Cologne (although there's sadly no longer a Greek market here - I am sure it would have been interesting to see). It's near the centre of student nightlife and also a short walk from the town high street. It's a funny mix of residential, offices, bars and shops.

Facilities here range from the sublime to the ridiculous:
  • A jazz club which has been going since the 60s and which describes itself as 'interjazzional' (mmm, nice)
  • The oldest pub in Cologne
  • A centre for Rosicrucian study/worship (don't know what this is, but given that I have never seen anyone enter or leave, maybe nobody else does either)
  • A leather corset emporium
  • Water bed shop
  • Vegan supplies shop
  • Further Education college
  • An alternative hairdresser's which has scary Goth dolls hanging by their necks from the window
  • A club for expat Brits which is never open
  • A club for expat Russians which is never closed
  • Portuguese restaurant
  • And your usual run of takeaways, bakeries, grocery shops and a very nice florist
The people that I have encountered walking up and down the street are always friendly and keen to say 'hallo' and engage the children in conversation. Cologne is a diverse and absorbing place with many facets - and nowhere is this more evident than in our little corner of the city.

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