Saturday, 5 January 2008

My little holiday

I have been on a little Christmas holiday to England. Two weeks of chilling out with family and friends. With a lot of a) eating and b) drinking. The break was just what the doctor ordered. (To be truthful, he actually ordered a round of antibiotics to fight a particularly nasty bug I had. But that didn't stop me from carrying out a lot of b.)

It was April's first Christmas. She really enjoyed all of the attention. Oh - and the presents! She gave me a gift too: a few days before Christmas she started to say 'Mum'. I am assuming that she doesn't know what it means yet, but to me it means everything.

Me in my New Year's Eve outfitThe Christmas period was also characterised by some silliness. Simon and I were invited to a 'murder mystery' party for New Year's Eve, which involved dressing up.

My character was supposed to be a dame, romantic novelist and lover of overstated clothes. Here is a photo of me dressed for the event. Hopefully the overstated part of my character - at least - comes across. Or maybe you just think I always dress this way.

It was fun to be blonde for a night. I found myself twizzling my golden locks round my fingers quite a lot.

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