Monday, 3 December 2007

More market marvellousness

hatsWe went to a couple of the Christmas markets with friends yesterday.

We didn't let a little bit of drizzle (more like an all-day downpour) stop us having fun.

If ever you find yourself at a German Christmas market I suggest you follow these six simple steps to get the authentic experience:

Sampling the mulled wine1) Annoy stall holders by manhandling the goods: play with the puppets and model the hats.

2) Eat sausage based savoury junk food.

3) Eat chocolate based sweet junk food shortly after step 2.

4) Wash goods consumed in steps 1 and 2 down with a glühwein.

5) Feel a bit ill.

6) Go to play with toys and hats again.
There were quite a lot of wooden toys for sale.

Here are some wooden puppets entertaining tourists with their motor cycle display skills.

Not exactly friendly looking are they? In particular the puppets on the left who have blue irises and no pupils. Ice cold.

I must say though, that if the puppets are scary, at least the rubbish bins go out of their way to look cute and appealing.

Even the bins are quaintObserve the gingerbread style bin on the right hand side of this next photo.

It's raining this afternoon and looks set for the rest of the day so guess what I am planning to do later? That's right - I'm going to the Christmas markets again! Well, it would be rude not to eh?


Rhysickle said...

I hope you bought that hat!

Laurel said...

Ooohhh....Methinks we've found ye new Facebook profile pic!

JL said...

Hi Vicky! I'm very jealous: as usual, the highlight of Birmingham at the end of November was the German Christmas market (not the biggest educational event of the year ...) and, as usual, I didn't have time to do it justice!