Saturday, 31 March 2007

Foods I miss

After four months in Germany I conclude that these are the foods I miss the most:

Danish smoked bacon
Pork sausages
Salt and vinegar crisps
Cadbury's chocolate
Chinese takeaways
English breakfast muffins

at the supermarketYou will note, of course, that I am not missing any fruit or vegetables. Generally they are the same over here.

Although, bizarrely, I have yet to find the diversity of potato varieties we know and love in England. Potatoes always seem to come as generic and medium sized. I have not found anything as specific as baby potatoes, baking potatoes, floury potatoes, etc...Especially strange as Germans seem to adore potatoes.

So far, the only thing I have found in Germany that I really like is 'Apfelschorle' which is a refreshing mix of apple juice and carbonated mineral water. Maybe the odd 'Berliner' (doughnut). Although, to be fair to my host nation, I haven't ventured too far into the world of German cuisine just yet...


Ali & Dave said...

Are you converted to sauerkraut? Can't beat some fermented cabbage.

Rhodri said...

Heres my guide to German food.
Schnitzel, Lamb Jalfrezi, brauknachteller (just scrambled egg really), Schnitzel, more schnitzel but different animal, Bratwurst, weisswurst, currywurst, schnitzel again, pork in may different forms, Haribo sweets, cheese and bacon burgers in Jameson's and Subway. I've been informed that apparently not all of these are traditionally German.
I'll bring some Cadbury's to Cologne next week. I don't think transporting bacon is such a good idea.